The Spring Café

is an on-site café, where members mingle, learn to cook, make speciality beverages, and get comfortable in a coffee shop environment.

The Great Room

is where we host larger social events, such as dances, bingo nights, movies, physical activities and games.

The Butterfly Gallery

is all things Arts and Crafts. This is where our creativity flows and a variety of artistic expression is encouraged.

The Rose Lounge

is where we learn to play percussion instruments, sing karaoke, discover various genres of music, and play interactive games.  When not engaging in music, this quiet area is used for reading, listening to stories, and developing our very own ones!

The Oasis

is our sensory room where you can relax, engage your senses, and escape to our underwater garden experience.

Our Tech Hub

features special keyboards, touch screen monitors, and specialized programs to suit all abilities. We also learn how to budget, safely navigate through the internet, create resumes, and so much more!

Megan Park

is right next to us, down a beautiful nature path. We visit this park often to learn about nature, obstacle courses, lawn bowling and other outdoor activities.

Come on In!


9 am to 4 pm


Opening soon.  Register today.



+(416) 284-1969




4679 Kingston Road
Scarborough, ON